ANWR: Down to the Short Strokes

By December 21, 2005Energy

The vote on ANWR looms and the number of undecided Senators is getting smaller and smaller. Please use this link to contact your Senator and urge them to vote to boost domestic production.

Update: The very important cloture vote is expected around noon today. The motorcade just zoomed past our office here on Pennsylvania Ave., en route from the White House to the Capitol. The Vice-President (The President of the Senate) must be on his way, in case they need his vote.

If you live in Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, please weigh in with Senators Pryor, Salazar, Carper, Nelson, Conrad, DeWine, Johnson, respectively, by clicking on their names.

The time is now. Let’s get this thing done. Here’s a link to an editorial in USA Today, supporting exploration of ANWR.