Another Wrench in the Global Warming Works: Europe Getting Cooler

By December 2, 2005Energy, Global Warming

Here’s an interesting story from an unlikely source: the New York Times. The lead paragraph of the story entitled, “Scientists Say Slower Atlantic Currents Could Mean a Colder Europe” says it all:

“Scientists say they have measured a significant slowing in the Atlantic currents that carry warm water toward Northern Europe. If the trend persists, they say, the weather there could cool considerably in coming decades.”

Kinda bad timing for all the global warming folks shivering up in Montreal (where it’s 0 degrees Celsius this week, and snowing) for this study to hit the New York Times. The story of course goes on to try to square the circle, to reckon a cooler Europe with a warmer globe. They can dither over all this while they dither over missing their Kyoto targets.

See, that’s the problem with theories. Somebody’s always coming up with stuff that contradicts them. Don’t you just hate that….?

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  • Patrick says:

    Taking one of the most profound pieces of evidence that global warming is causing changes in the Earth System and trying to spin it into a no-global-warming message is, well, twisted, which I guess is what we should expect from the National Association of Manufacturers. The cause of the Gulf Stream slowdown is added fresh water from ice melt that is reducing saltiness of the surface layers, thus making water lighter so it won’t sink as well. It is this sinking which works as the gear on the conveyer belt.

  • Cassandra says:

    hmmm…well, no one ever claimed the human race was an especially brilliant species. Most of the comments so far just sound like school boys showing off to each other. Might be time to crack the books, boys. Instead of just reading the headlines and making up your conclusions to fit your preconceptions, maybe try reading the actual studies. Dang. As Dylan told us, back in the 70s when we should have started thinking about our effect on the planet, “The times they are a-changing.”

  • Richard says:

    Your interpretation of: Scientists Say Slower Atlantic Currents Could Mean a Colder Europe
    is a deliberate mis-interpretation of the actual research . But then I quess that was your intent.

  • Henry Ford says:

    You guys are wacky.

    What would happen if you turned off one section of your assembly line? Stuff would accumulate in one area and would be completely absent in another.

    This is what is happening with the ocean conveyor belt. As it slows and stops, the warm water will accumulate in areas like the Gulf of Mexico and the Indian Ocean (producing more frequent and furious storms) and there will be no warm water in the North Atlantic to keep Northern Europe from the freezing temperatures that their latitude would otherwise predict.

    Look at London on a map. Compare its latitude to Boston. It is way further north. Yet it has milder weather on the whole. What has protected London from the long cold winters that Boston endures is the warm southern waters brought by the conveyor belt.

    This is why much of Europe will get colder. Meanwhile much of the rest of the planet will be getting much warmer.

    There is lots of money to be made on this thing boys. So get on board and start planing on manufacturing more of the heating units Europe will need and cooling units that Florida will need.

  • Mark Kilmer says:

    It seems to me that in this case, the theory was secondary to the objective, which was in part to stop you guys from producing goods. If the theory is debunked, in whole or in part, they’ll make something else up.