Alito Opposition Makes More News Than Support

By December 15, 2005Judicial Nominations

Here’s a story entitled, “Green Groups Mobilize Against Alito” in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal. So here’s what’s got us scratching our heads: in the same day that we endorse Judge Alito and the enviros (predictably) oppose him, why does the opposition get the lead? We actually had stated criteria by which he was evaluated by a group of some very smart lawyers (our Judicial Review Committee) over a period of a few months. For some reason, that garners a yawn from much of the mainstream media, but oppose him — even if you’re part of the liberal left coalition — and you’re guaranteed a headline. The Journal was not alone here — lots of others piled on. Type “Alito” into Google News and you’ll see the array of lefties — the AFL-CIO (talk about predictable!) and others weighing in against this fine Judge. Where are their criteria? Where is their deliberation, other than the simple jerk of the knee?

Don’t forget to contact your Senators and tell them to support Judge Alito’s nomination. As if you needed a push, the fact that the enviros and the AFL-CIO oppose him should be reason enough to get on the bandwagon.