We Told You So…

By November 25, 2005Energy

Some times there is no comfort in being able to say, “We told you so.” This is one of those times. As you know, the Washington Post’s Justin Blum has been doing a pretty good job of covering the woes of the Alcoa plant in Frederick County, Maryland, especially its soaring energy prices and the potential job-killing impact they might have. That theme has been echoed in so many of the comments we’ve recounted below (click here , here and here) from NAM members responding to our energy survey last week.

Indeed, yesterday Blum ran a piece entitled, “Md. Alcoa Plant to Start Layoffs in December.” This plant expects to lay off 500 of its 600 workers in December due to high energy prices. This is no far-off bogeyman. It’s here.

We have 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas right off our coast that can be recovered in an environmentally sound way. We have a reserve of oil in Alaska that can give us a million barrels of oil a day. What on earth is Congress waiting for? We’re the only country that limits access to its own natural resources. It’s a pure function of supply and demand and prices are soaring while Congress maintains the federal moratorium on the recovery of 85% of the natural gas from the Outer Continental Shelf.

The high prices of energy is hitting and it’s costing jobs. Tell your Member of Congress to move now to unleash domestic supplies of energy.

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  • Walter E. Wallis, P.E. says:

    And yet you cannot get elected in California unless you come out against drilling and building.
    That is why I chortle with glee at the collapse of the newspapers. They have not said anything good about the energy industry in the past 30 years or so, and they have supported every silly hamster-wheel science fair project as a realistic solution.