Veterans’ Day 2005

By November 11, 2005General

Veteran's DayJust wanted to commemorate Veterans’ Day in a few ways.

First, our Manufacturing Institute has announced a new alliance with RecruitMilitary, LLC to promote the hiring of military vets by manufacturers in the US. What a great initiative, thanks to the folks at the Institute. So many manufacturers are looking for skilled and reliable employees and veterans more than fit that bill. Here’s a link to the press release announcing the initiative and here’s a link to the new hiring service website. Please check it out.

Second, we caught a great ad on CNN yesterday by Boeing, saluting veterans. The nice folks over there were kind enough to send us this link to the ad.

Finally, here’s a link to our posting from this past Memorial Day, saluting veterans.

In the words of the Boeing ad, “For all who served and for all who serve, we can never thank them enough.”