UN Climate Control Conference Opens in Montreal

By November 29, 2005Energy

Brace yourself — a 10-day international climate control conference has opened in Montreal. Prepare yourself for a constant drip, drip, drip of hysteria from the global climate change folks. Understand that this is not a happy gathering. First, their focus at this meeting is supposedly India and China, who did not sign the Kyoto Accords in the first place, but are fiercely competing with all those that did. What’s worse, it’s a meeting of countries who signed onto the Kyoto Accords (except for us, who were smart enough to not buy into the politics of it all), and who will largely miss their targets for reducing emissions. No matter, at least they signed it — kinda like Liz Taylor signing a marriage license — we’re sure it made them feel better but in the end, it didn’t mean a damned thing.

So here’s a running calculator showing what the Kyoto accords are costing and underneath a thermometer that shows the infinitesimal impact it will have by 2050 — in thousandths of degrees. Here’s a link to fact sheet on climate change from us and (in case you need another source) here’s a link to a US Department of State fact sheet– not exactly a bunch of partisan political hacks — with some info on what we are doing on the issue while the rest of the world wrings its hands, kicks themselves for signing this agreement in the first place and misses its targets by a mile.

Oh, and remember, the decision not to sign the Kyoto Accords squeaked through the US Senate by a vote of 95-0 during the Clinton Administration.