Tony Blair Tackles the Nuclear Tiger

By November 30, 2005Energy

In a speech today, our ally and friend across the pond, British Prime Minister Tony Blair made a pitch for nuclear power. Of course the folks from Greenpeace tried to disrupt it (even though some of their folks have switched sides on the issue) but Blair was undaunted. Got a bit of Churchill in him, that boy.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one, but the UK is beset by soaring energy prices and shrinking supplies, coal falling into disfavor. Yet just a short Chunnel ride away in France, they are quite bullish on nuclear, building a bunch of plants with more on the way. They get 80% of their power from nuclear and are Europe’s largest exporter of power. Can you imagine having so much of the stuff that you can export it? So Blair launched his nuclear effort to the dismay of the enviros, who continue to feel their grip slipping away on all this issue.

Here’s a link to Eric McErlain’s NEI blog that covers all of this pretty well and here’s a link to an article about Blair’s speech, and here’s a link that summarizes his key points and has a link to the full text.

Don’t forget to drop a note to your Member of Congress and urge them to act to boost the domestic supply of energy.

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  • James Chirico says:

    Fission creates waste man can’t contain long
    enough to become unharmful. Fusion reactors have
    not overcome plus energy output but appear to be
    a much better source of nuclear energy. No one
    has studied the premature release of nuclear heat
    upon the environment. The U.S. should consider
    developing geothermal energy with the multi-state
    lava dome under Yellowstone Park. Fat chance with
    the current gov’ts love affair with the oil industry.