The Wednesday Poster: It’s the American Way

By November 2, 2005Miscellaneous

itstheamericanway_small.jpg Time for another vintage poster from the NAM archives. Thanks to the folks from BoingBoing (the most linked-to site on the Internet) for keeping the interest level high in these posters. We might even get around to selling these for public consumption. Click on the comment tag below if you’d be interested in buying some of these. If so, we’ll probably roll them out. Folks do seem to like them. Who wouldn’t? They’re so retro, they’re downright cool. Everything old is new again. And, their messages are just so timeless.

Case in point, this week’s poster: Freedom. Opportunity. Private Enterprise and Democracy. All over the world, we have served as a model for other countries. We are still the best, the most productive manufacturers in the world. And we got here by following these four principles. Enjoy this week’s Poster of the Week.

It’s the American Way.

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  • Ken C says:

    I would definitely be interested in either downloading high resolution posters for printing or purchasing enlargements of them from you.
    Please contact me!

  • laurie harte says:

    I like the posters very much. Please sell reprints soon. I would frame and hang them in our employee cafeterias.