The Smartest Damned Blog Readers on The Planet, v. 3

By November 24, 2005General

Fellow Blogger Ron Franscell from Under the News wrote in about our entry on giving thanks for the roof over our heads (manufacturers make the roofs and houses, remember). With this cute anecdote:

It has been a tradition in my family — maybe in many families — to go around the Thanksgiving table and ask everybody: What are you thankful for?

One Thanksgiving when my children were very young, we began with me. I was thankful for my family, for being together, for the time we had, and other patriarchal oratory. My wife was thankful for similar things. My daughter, maybe 8 at the time, added her lengthy list of friends and possessions..

Then we came to Matt, only 4. He was still thinking, but soon it dawned on him, this thing he was most thankful for in his so-far short life..

“Handles,” he said.

I gotta hand it to him: It never occurred to me to be thankful for handles, even though I am regularly thankful for handles. And knobs, rails, hinges, shelves, screw caps, cup-holders, envelopes, sandwich bags, can openers, lids, screwdrivers, soap dishes, buttons, rubber bands, remote controls, cardboard boxes, paper clips … all kinds of stuff I typically don’t take time to appreciate. But I guarantee there’s usually a string of choice words when they’re missing!.

So … don’t forget to be thankful for the little things.


Did we mention we have members who make the handles and doorknobs?

Happy Thanksgiving.