The Saturday Video: Steel

By November 19, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

How Steel Is MadeOK, so we go from chocolate last week to steel this week. As we said in our big hint this week, try to live in a world without steel. Steel is sorta of the mother of manufacturing. For many, it epitomizes the history of manufacturing here in America. When you see this video, you’ll see that it really does epitomize manufacturing in that it is now as high-tech as the rest of manufacturing. You’ll see in this video how the so-called “old economy” and “new economy” really are one in the same. From spectrometers that do molecular-level inspection of steel to lasers and high-tech instruments that calibrate and measure the steel in every step along the production process, there is technology everywhere you look. (And remember, you young ‘uns out there, somebody has to run these computers. Stick with math and science — get a great career in manufacturing!)

Steel as you’ll see, is the world’s most recycled material. Last year alone, we recycled 20 billion cans, 13 million cars and 45 million appliances. You’ll see as part of the video a short piece on cars being crushed (thanks, Kendig Kneen), shredded and recycled. (Hey — wait — is that Jimmy Hoffa…?!?) It’s so cool to see all that molten steel being poured out — from 3,000 to 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit: rolled steel, steel bars and ingots.

So it’s not chocolate, you can’t eat it, but like we said, try to live without it. From cars, to roller coasters to rockets, steel makes the world go ’round. Ain’t manufacturing great….?

Click here to view the video and feel the manufacturing vibe.

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  • Pablos says:


    I’m really looking forward to watching these videos, but it is just too painful trying to suffer through the problems with streaming video. I’ve got a fast internet connection, but still they crap out in the middle and Windows Media Player is too stupid to keep track of where it left off. Please consider posting downloadable videos instead.

    Thanks, pablos.