The Saturday Video: Making’ Bacon

By November 26, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

How Pork Is MadeOK, continuing yet again with our Thanksgiving theme all this week, we thought we’d show you another video about food being made. You’ll recall that in the past, we’ve shown you how chocolate is made, and also Campbell’s Soup. At this point, most of you probably can’t even think about food, having stuffed yourself at the table on Thursday, but what the hey, we didn’t have a video showing antacids being made.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, you may have had a little pork, maybe some bacon. And if you did, chances are it was from Smithfield Foods. Based in Smithfield, Virginia, Smithfield Foods is the world’s largest pork processor and hog producer. The company processes 27 million hogs and raises 14 million annually. Our collection of well-known brands includes Smithfield, Smithfield Lean Generation, John Morrell, Gwaltney, Patrick Cudahy, Krakus, and Stefano’s, to name just a few.

This short video shows how they process 6 million pounds of pork a day and — at their Wilson pant — 130 million pounds of bacon a year. Imagine how many BLT’s that could make!

Don’t worry — the video tour is rated “G”. Click here to watch it and feel the manufacturing vibe.