The Saturday Video: How Chocolate Is Made, The Chocolate Factory or ‘From Bean to Bar’

By November 12, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

OK, all you chocoholics out there, you’ve waited long enough. We got up extra-special early to post this week’s video of “Cool Stuff Being Made“. Here it is at last, the virtual bomb: How chocolate is made. Is there any substance in nature as pure as chocolate? Don’t think so. This 15-minute video takes you through the history of chocolate through the ages, from its earliest origins to present day. Then it goes through the process of harvesting the cacao bean all the way through watching gallons of liquid chocolate pouring into vats and being made into bars at the factory. Watch this last part without salivating, we dare you.

Thanks to Lynn Bragg, President of the Chocolate Manufacturers Association (now there’s a great gig!) for supplying this excellent video. We hear they’re working on technology over there that’ll allow you to download an actual chocolate bar over the Internet. (Broadband only).

So sit back, grab a bar of chocolate and click here to watch this week’s video. Feel the chocolate manufacturing vibe.

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