The Salt Institute Joins the Blogosphere

By November 6, 2005General

As regular blog readers know, we did a thing just a week or so ago called, “LaunchYour Association Into the Blogosphere“, for other manufacturing associations (members of the NAM all) who wanted to get into this weird and wacky world that we inhabit and embrace. Well, it didn’t take Dick Hanneman, President of the Salt Institute long to launch himself and his association into the blogosphere. Within a day or two he had employed all the tools laid out by us and by Eric McErlain of NEI’s blog to get started with “Salt Sensibility“. Guess “NaCl Blog” was too wonky, or “Into the Salt Mines”, or “Salty Language” too, well, stupid. They were our suggestions…

So here’s a shout-out to Dick and a “Bravo!” for jumping into the blogosphere feet first. it’s a blast in here, and we welcome him. Check out his blog and, uh — pass the salt.