The Boss Goes to Visit Reuters

By November 23, 2005General

NAM President John Engler was hosted by the nice folks at Reuters yesterday for another in our series of “reporter roundtables.” We’ve already been to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week and others, thought it was time to swing by and see Reuters, with whom we deal quite frequently. There were some 8 reporters and editors in all, peppering the poor Gov. as he tried to eat his lunch on questions ranging form China (especially the currency issue), energy, pensions, job training, ANWR, trade (Doha and Hong Kong) and a few other issues. They left no stone unturned and Gov. Engler handled them all with his usual aplomb.

Just wanted to give a little shout-out to the folks at Reuters. Thanks especially to Caren Bohan and Sarah Edmonds for honchoing the visit and to them and their fellow reporters (and editors) Tom Doggett, David Lawder, Doug Palmer, Glenn Somerville, Andrea Hopkins, Tim Dobbyn and Mike Dolan. We appreciate the invite and look forward to the stories that yesterday’s session will no doubt birth.