Some Facts on Global Warming

By November 21, 2005Global Warming

For those of you surfing the ‘net to find some facts on global warming, we’re glad you’ve found us — you’ve come to the right place. Here is some information on climate change, some links that we hope will take the hysteria out of the topic and in its place put in some facts.
First, you’ve probably heard about the Kyoto accords. The US didn’t sign them. Neither did India or China, two of our largest competitors. In the Clinton Administration, the decision not to sign on to them was supported by a 95-0 vote in the US Senate, so it wasn’t a partisan issue. Countries who signed on to the accords agreed to meet certain targets for emissions. However, most countries will fall way short of meeting those targets, while seeing their energy prices rise. In fact, in an article from yesterday , the UK’s representative at global climate talks has reportedly “gone cold” on the concept of the mandatory targets as set out in the Kyoto accords.

This site has a calculator of what the Kyoto accords are costing, and a thermometer which will show you how much they will improve the earth’s temperature by 2050. As you’ll see, it’s not much. It’s 0.001158723 degrees Celsius.

Next, the Washington Post ran a story on this a little while ago, saying that the globe was warming. However, an astute reader posted this comment on our blog:

The Washington Post report “World Temperatures Keep Rising With a Hot 2005” was wrong on several accounts, not the least being with temperatures.

Even the graph at the base of the page showed that temperatures have fallen in the last 2 years. The annual average temperature in US has fallen since 1998. NASA’s web page on the subject shows that in 2004 about 50% of the world had average temperatures below the average for the last 5 years.

I wonder how the Washington Post justifies their comment that temperatures “keep rising”?

As you can see, temperature fluctuations have been around for a long time. To prove that point, months earlier, the Washington Post ran another tiny story that escaped almost everyone’s notice which showed that oceanic and atmospheric temperature variations 9500 years ago were greater than those now that are tied to human factors, according to the British Antarctic Survey. Hmmmm… Didn’t have a lot of internal combustion engines 9500 years ago, did we?

Finally, there are a lot of celebrities — from Barbra Streisand to Al Gore — who claim to be experts on this topic, but in fact, they are not. Here’s a lawsuit on global warming that was recently thrown out in New York by a federal judge where some people were trying to make a political issue into a legal issue. The judge basically said “forget it”.

We just want you to be sensitive to and aware of the many theories that abound out there. Many diverse groups (you’ll see some mentioned in this link) have poked holes in the theory of global warming. It’s important to get educated on the topic before blindly following the voices of a few zealous but often uninformed folks.

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  • Emmi says:

    Hey if any of you want to learn about global warming go to this site. It has all the information you need. It also gives solutions to what you can do to help slow down this proccess.

  • Tenor says:

    wouldnt you think people would get smarter after a few 100 years? maybe not…
    each day i think people cant get any stupider and each day i am proven horribally wrong.
    well u never know.
    anyhow, nice page.
    ~Some studet doing a project

  • paige says:

    you suck i hate you

  • Kenneth Gardner says:

    Can some one explain to me what is causing all of history’s cooling and warming trends? After all, humans have not populated earth since it was formed. To listen to the chicken littles you would think that humans have been the sole instrument in history’s climate changes.