Skills Gap Report 2005

By November 23, 2005Studies and Reports

Sorry we didn’t get around to posting this ’til today, but yesterday was pretty busy around NAM HQ. As promised, we released the 2005 Skills Gap Study. Among its key findings:

— Today’s skill shortages in manufacturing are extremely broad and deep, cutting across industry sectors and impacting more than 80% of the companies surveyed.

— Skills shortages are having a widespread impact on manufacturers’ abilities to achieve production levels, increase productivity and meet customer demands.

— High performance workforce requirements have significantly increased as a result of the skills gap shortage and the challenge of competing in a global economy, according to nearly 75% of the study’s participants.

Among its recommendations, the study urges:

— Educators to emphasize science, math and technology-related programs in K-12 curricula and invest more in teacher education;

— State education standards to include career education as measurable criteria for K-12 success;

— Employers to invest at least 3 percent of payroll whenever possible in training for current employees; and

— Government to partner with business to improve the K-12 and community college system to develop a high-performance workforce.

Here’s a link to the full study, here’s a link to the Executive Summary and here’s a link to our press release from yesterday which provides a nice summary as well.