Sen. Wayne Allard (CO)

By November 17, 2005General

Senator Allard just walked in. He said, “this week I had a chance to visit with Judge Alito. No one can argue with his credentials. He will not let his personal views interfere with his decision-making. I think he is very thoughtful and think he will make a very good Supreme Court Justice.

The key to whether a filibuster will move forward or not depends on the “Gang of 14,” and they don’t appear ready to support one. Someone may try to do a filibuster, but I don’t see…the votes to sustain it. I think he’s going to be confirmed by the Senate. If the vote were today, I think he’d pass with maybe 60 votes. He’s pretty solid. They can try to pick on a few things he’s done. There are the “Dedicated 30 or 35″ who will oppose him, but I think he will get confirmed.”