Sen. Sam Brownback (KS)

By November 17, 2005General

Sen. Sam Brownback has now joined us. He noted that the Senate is trying to get the end of session things done: cutting spending, cutting taxes and getting the budget approved.

Brownback noted that he has a lot of interest in foreign policy issues. The week after Thanksgiving, he will be traveling to the Congo and hopes “to rise with my colleagues the plight of the people there. The same number of people who were lost in the tsunami are lost every 4 months in eastern Congo. A nine-nation war is raging, its the least-reported humanitarian disaster in the world.”

On Judge Alito: “I don’t know that the Democrats will be able to ‘pull off’ a filibuster. The Gang of 14 seems to indicate that Alito doesn’t trigger the ‘extraordinary circumstances” to warrant a filibuster.

“It was never contemplated by the Constitution that you’d need a super-majority to confirm someone. It’s advise and consent. Plus he’s a highly qualified nominee.”

On spending, “We should propose the base closing process for the rest of government.

On asbestos, This is “a tough one to get passed, a lot of moving parts on it. But if the business community gets solidly behind this we can get it through.”

On ANWR, “we ought to be able to approve of exploration in a 10 mile x 10 mile area.”

On energy prices: “People are upset about high gas prices, but increasing taxes on these energy companies is “a terrible idea.” This is a commodity business.”