Sen. George Allen (VA)

By November 17, 2005General

Senator Allen just arrived. Says Sen. Allen:

We need this country to be the capitol of innovation. Less regulation, less taxation, less litigation. We Need better education in engineering and science and the third branch of government — the judiciary — needs to understand its role, to apply the law, not invent the law. Courts need to respect the laws.

Senator Allen said he met with Judge Alito yesterday and was very impressed with him. One of the more comforting aspects of Judge Alito — aside from his legal ability — is that in his 15 years on th bench, we get an idea of what kind of Justice he will be.

On energy, Sen. Allen said, “I wanted to get on the energy committee beacause I see the energy bill as an important for security, jobs, competitiveness.”

Allen added that we need more development of energy here at home — gas and oil. States should have the perogative to develop the energy in their states, share the revenues. Revenues could go for roads and infrastructure, to education, beach erosion (in Virginia). Florida may not opt to do it. That’s OK.

For Allen, exploring in ANWR “makes a great deal of sense.” In Alaska, Republicans are in favor, Democrats favor it, natives, all support it. Can be done in an environmentally-sound way. It needs to happen.

As for natural gas, prices have quadrupled or quintupled. Manufacturers can go else where, where they can get an affordable and ready supply of natural gas. “We are the Saudi Arabia of coal,” said Allen. We need to be using clean coal technology to generate electricity. Using natural gas to generate electricity is like using bottled water to wash your dishes.

Allen added that we also need to use nuclear, too. It’s clean. We need more nuclear power plants. There’s a concern about what to do with spent fuel. The solution is in reprocessing it or use chemical separation. That’s what the French do.

With greater world demand for oil, we need to explore alternative fuels as well: fuel cells, photovoltaics, and other options can all be part of the solution. This is one of the key areas for the future of this country. We need energy independence.