Semper Jerseius

By November 13, 2005Miscellaneous

Regular blog readers know that New Jersey is the Cradle of Civilization, as well as the home state of the blogger-in-chief. Here’s an AP story from yesterday, talking about New Jerseyans appointed by President Bush to key positions. We know New Jersey has a rich cultural and musical history (see this link and this one, too), but there’s just so much more.

As if we have to prove it, here’s a link to a website called “Jersey Pride” (The site’s motto: “Semper Jerseius”). It is a treasure trove of information about the Garden State. There you’ll find under “Jersey Facts“, among o=other factoids that there are gorgeous state parks, 24-hour diners, full serve gas stations and that NJ has the highest high school graduation rate in the country. Can you feel the pride welling….?

And, if you’re more interested in the offbeat, here’s Weird NJ, a site dedicated to some interesting information known only to those who get off the Turnpike and venture the back roads of this magnificent state.

Thought this would make a perfect weekend post. As a leading manufacturing state (where the blogger-in-chief learned the manufacturing ropes in many hours on New Jersey’s plant floors), it’s a place where you can’t help but feel the manufacturing vibe.

Roll down the windows, breathe it in. Enjoy.