Reporters Decry Leaks at the Post

By November 20, 2005General

Regardless of your views on l’affaire Woodward, this whole imbroglio over the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward and the alleged leak of Valerie Plame’s name, here is a tale dripping in irony.

Over on Fishbowl DC, a site dedicated to gossipy DC items, there is a whole string of chatter from an internal Washington Post on-line chat about the whole Woodward thing. You have to work your way through it to get down the page a little bit and find the part where they begin to express outrage that some of this was leaked and worse yet — horrors — to the New York Times!

Says Post reporter Jonathan Yardley of a call from a Times reporter, seeking comment about this internal on line chat:

I told her I expected her to make plain that this is a confidential internal document and that she is quoting from it over the objections of the person who wrote it.”

Right. He goes on to say:

I hardly see any point in having critiques and comments if they are to be publicized outside the paper. How can we write candidly when candor merely invites violations of confidentiality?”

C’mon — you’re breaking’ our heart here!

You’ll see more of the back-and-forth on this topic at this link, but it just struck us as a bit ironic, the outrage of the Fourth Estate over the leaking of an internal discussion. Just doesn’t feel very good when it’s your stuff being leaked does it?

What’s good for the goose….

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