‘Power to the People’

By November 29, 2005Energy

Excellent piece in yesterday’s Wall St. Journal on line “Opinion Journal” from John Fund under this title on energy policy. Subtitled, “Washington policy makers stand in the way of sensible energy polices”, he pretty much his the nail on the head. He says therein, “In reality, high energy prices are often the direct consequence of misguided government policy.” How right he is. He must be reading the blog…

He ends with a pitch for nuclear power. The French get more than 80% of their power from nuclear, while we lag at about 20%. On one hand, enviros encourage NIMBY’s who don’t want nuclear plants in their areas, but then they also usurp the role of the Alaskans, who favor drilling in ANWR, as if they don’t know what’s best for themselves. Between a rock and a hard place, that’s where our energy policy lives.

Fund’s says to “expect a firestorm of controversy when the new Bush nuclear policy is announced.” He concludes:

“If Members of Congress are afraid to challenge the orthodoxies of the green lobby, they can’t be too surprised if President Bush exercises national leadership in a dramatic way to make sure the lights stay on while Washington fiddles. Some of them may privately even be thankful someone is willing to break a small part of the energy gridlock.”

Time to wrest control of American’s energy policy from a small band of rabid envoris and give it back to the people — the same people who are paying a lot more for energy and the same people who will be shivering this winter, thanks to the enviros.

If you agree, drop a note to your Member of Congress and let ’em know.

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  • James Aach says:

    Dear Mr. Cleary,

    I read your “Power to the People” commentary at Red State.org, and as a longtme worker in the nuclear energy industry, I noted your comments about nuclear power in particular. One thing missing in the nuclear energy debate is a firm grasp of the American nuclear industry today. I can state that few outside the industry have a clear picture of this. Unfortunately TV, movies, magazines and academic books have not captured the real story in a way the general public can understand and appreciate. Things are much different than you might imagine.

    As a way to introduce the public in a painless way to the facts on electricity production in general, and nuclear energy in particular, I have written a techno-thriller novel about the American nuclear power industry. “Rad Decision” provides an entertaining and accurate portrait of a nuclear power plant and how an accident might be handled. The novel is available at RadDecision.blogspot.com, at no cost to readers. Those interested in future energy issues will benefit by taking a look at Rad Decision – – and they will be entertained as well.

    There’s more information below. Thus far, the feedback I’ve gotten on my work has been quite positive.


    James Aach

    P.S. If you find Rad Decision useful, I’d appreciate it if you would pass the word along. I wold like more readers for this non-profit, independent project.