OFII Event: You just HAD to be there last night

By November 17, 2005General

Last night the Blogger-in-Chief dispatched his humble apprentice to attend the 11th annual Organization for International Investment (OFII) Dinner. Here are some thoughts and observations of the event:

1. OFII’s members represent the unique issues of U.S. subsidiaries of companies headquartered abroad. The OFII (pronounced “off-ee.”) seeks to educate people about the benefits of foreign investment in the United States, such as the vast amount of “in-sourcing” of jobs in the United States.

2. While fundraisers, charity events and “rubber chicken” dinners are a dime a dozen in Washington, DC, The Blogger’s Apprentice has long believed that every night in DC there is ONE event that everyone seeks to attend…the MAIN event, if you will. The one event that you WANT to be seen at. This was the main event last night.

3. During the pre-dinner reception, we ran into our old friend Jeff Birnbaum, of The Washington Post. Among other things, he asked us what our focus has been these days. Well, if you’ve been asleep in the Blogosphere lately, you’ll know the answer to that question: Energy. Energy. Energy.

Oh, yes, and did we mention Energy? Click here if you need a refresher course on why we care about this issue.

4. OFII’s SVP of Communications, Nancy McLernon, invited us because earlier in the year, we offered our advice (whatever it was worth) regarding blogging. She contacted us because she searched around and thought we had a pretty nifty blog (she must not have looked very far) and she wanted to pick our brain because her group was thinking about joining us in this wild and crazy adventure. We hope not be a bad influence.

5. Turns out that OFII plans to start a blog in 2006. Watch this space in early January for the official launch of their blog.

6. The OFII event is quite impressive. Without a doubt, the highlight of the evening was the gift bags that are given to every attendee. This year’s was bigger than ever and literally bursting at the seems. They also raffled off some pretty impressive prizes including a year’s worth of Miller Beer and a 42″ television (guess which one the Blogger’s Apprentice really wanted?). If you want to know what else was given away, you’ll just have to find a way to attend next year’s event.

7. All in all, a great event. We had salmon for dinner and a nice desert topped it all off too followed by an after-dinner reception. Perhaps if we continue to write about them, we’ll be invited next year.

Thanks again to Nancy for inviting us to this fantastic sold-out event. We had a great time and look forward to you joining us in the Blogosphere next year.