More Facts on ANWR

By November 1, 2005Energy

As you know, this week is the big push to finally get Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) legislation across the goal line. While manufacturers snap into action, a few facts:

— ANWR is supported by Alaskans. The drilling footprint is in a space about a fifth the size of Dulles Airport. That makes the enviros mad to hear, we know, but it’s true. They had a corner on this issue and are feeling it slip away now that the truth is getting out;

— ANWR has enough oil that it could pump a million barrels of oil a day virtually indefinitely;

— We import about 60% of our oil. During the oil shocks of the ’70’s, it was about half that;

— ANWR will requite the toughest environmental standards ever imposed on energy production, leaving a minimal footprint on the environment;

— Predictions of dire consequences to the Caribou herd during the Alaskan pipeline debate proved wildly off base. Not only did the herd not dissipate, it increased six-fold after the pipeline was built;

— ANWR exploration will bring about $2.5 billion in federal revenue.

— Finally, prices are soaring because supply has remained steady while demand has soared. We must expand supply while we continue efforts aimed at efficiency and developing new sources.

Click here to weigh in with your Senators on ANWR exploration. Time to work the supply side of the energy equation.

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