More Energy Facts

By November 15, 2005Energy

If you don’t believe that the price of energy affects everything, here’s this press release from NAM member Oil-Dri, leading maker of kitty litter, announcing an energy surcharge of up to 10% on all their shipments. As they note, “The surcharges are the result of rising energy and fuel cost that have dramatically increased manufacturing expenses.” The go on to say that the surcharges “are tied to the price of natural gas and will be adjusted on a quarterly basis.” We pay the highest prices in the world for natural gas. If we unleashed the 420 trillion cubic feet of the stuff in the Outer Continental Shelf, our prices would decline dramatically. It’s a local market.

Some more facts on energy:

— Since 1970, energy use has increased at twice the rate of energy production.

— The average household heating bill will top $1000 this winter.

— Manufacturers use two-thirds of the US natural gas supply.

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