More Comments from the NAM Energy Study

By November 22, 2005Energy

To continue on last week’s energy survey of 10,000 small and medium manufacturers, our guys and gals continue to say it better than we can. This thing is a treasure trove of comments about the real-life impact of higher energy prices on manufacturers and ultimately, on the general public. Some more nuggets:

Between Hurricane Wilma and the energy costs we have been slammed. We went eight days without power. And there are announced electric bill increases of 30-41 percent. This is painful to all Floridians.” (Remember they have 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas off the coast down there in the Outer Continental Shelf….)

We purchased a million-dollars plus in new equipment and now we are not sure if we can afford to run it due to high fuel prices.”

Electric rates are soaring and the Congress is not acting to bring in more electric supply and cheaper fuels for producing electricity. We need help!!!”

We may alter our working hours during the winter to reduce fuel use. This will mean a reduction of working hours for employees.”

A portion of the costs can be passed on, but employees will suffer also with reduction of benefit, wages and year-end bonuses.”

Materials costs are up over 100 percent in two years with rapid increases over two months following hurricanes. [Plastics] Industry on verge of meltdown.”

Drop a note to your Member of Congress, tell them to do something about increasing domestic supplies of energy.