Manufacturers & Our Troops & Veterans, v. 2: More Than Just Awe-Inspiring

By November 10, 2005General

Veteran's DayAccording to NAM member Rock of Ages, Inc., there are few things in life more moving than a beautiful civic memorial. And when you see the company’s latest collaborative effort, the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., you understand what they mean.

Rock of Ages sculpted the two 43-foot-tall arches which serve as entries on the north and south ends of the National World War II Memorial Plaza and celebrate the victories in the Atlantic and Pacific.

For more than 100 years, Rock of Ages has designed and crafted granite memorials for millions of families and helped municipalities and civic organizations honor the communities with civic memorials. The Vermont-based company works closely with government agencies and volunteer organizations to build consensus and encourage community involvement at every step.

Tune in tomorrow, Veteran’s Day, for our final look at how manufacturers support our troops and veterans.

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  • Kathy Gallager says:

    Hot off the presses concerning NAM and Veterans: I just read in a press release that NAM has activated an initiative to promote the hiring of military veterans by NAM member companies by partnering with RecruitMilitary,LLC. This should give a tremendous boost to the civilian employment prospects available to the military men and women who are coming off of active duty, in the Reserves and the National Guard, as well as those veterans who have completed their service to our country. My veteran friends and family members will be thrilled with this partnership with RecruitMilitary — another great example of manufacturers supporting our troops and veterans!