Manufacturers & Our Troops & Veterans, v. 1: Food for Thought

By November 9, 2005General

Veteran's DayWith Veterans Day this Friday, we decided today to begin a three-part look at the role that manufacturers play in supporting our troops and Veterans.

When our troops serve overseas, it’s comforting to know that as much thought and care goes into their meals in the field as it does when prepared by mom. The Wornick Company has a lot to do with that. The Cincinnati-based NAM member is the largest supplier of MRE’s (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) to the U.S. military and is a recognized innovator in the food industry, testing, developing and introducing new products to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers — our soldiers.

The MRE is a self-contained, operational ration designed to sustain an individual when normal food is not available. It fits easily into military field clothing pockets and, except for the beverage, the entire meal is ready to eat. While soldiers can eat the entree cold if necessary, a flameless ration heating device has also been packed into each meal bag to heat the meal.

Wornick’s longstanding relationship with the U.S. military, coupled with its expertise in food processing, packaging, assembly and distribution gives the company the knowledge, experience and competitive edge to create and produce meal solutions for a variety of organizations worldwide, including customized, ready-to-eat food portions for commercial users, too!

Tune in tomorrow for part two of our special look at how manufacturers support our troops and veterans

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  • Bill Waddell says:

    My son is with the 173rd Airborne in the mountains along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and has had more than his fair share of experience with MRE’s. In the cold and snow after stomping around looking for the few remaining Al Queda types crazy enough to take on the Skysoldiers, he says they are a gift from God.

    The ‘gift from God’ description is probably one more than a few folks in new Orleans used to define Wornick’s products last month. Having worked in defense for a big part of my career, i know that the Wornick people feel a special kind of pride few others get to enjoy.

    Great job Wornick! Thanks for taking care my son while he takes care of all of us.