Make: A Magazine for People Who Love to Make Things

By November 5, 2005General

Wanted to give a little shout out here to the good people from Make magazine, and tee up a pretty great opportunity. Had a nice chat with them last week — they discovered the blog, loved the videos. They sent us a bunch of copies of their magazine which were quickly scarfed up by the scavengers and manufacturer wannabes around NAM HQ. If you like making things, or reading about making things, this is the magazine for you. The cover story, for example, features a “how to” on an Electric Cigar Box Guitar. What’s not to love? There are stories — and more how-to’s — on strobe photography, converting cheap toys into synthesizers and programming chips. There’s also an interview with innovator and maker extraordinaire Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, and about a bazillion other things.

Check out their website — another potpourri of stuff for manufacturers large, small and hobbyists. There you’ll find a random stripe generator (in case you ever need one), a “how-to” on making a hard drive belt buckle (it’ll keep your pants up AND have a few gigs of memory) and excerpts from the Dean Kamen interview.

Because we are simpatico and because the manufacturing bond among folks who love to make things is so strong, they are offering NAM members and blog readers a significant discount on subscriptions. Click on to this link to subscribe and just enter this code: C5BNAM to get a whopping 50% discount. Do not share this information with any non-manufacturing or service sector weenies. This is for the real deal only, the folks who love to make things and who make this country strong.

Thanks again to our friends at Make for keeping the passion for making things alive. Please check out the magazine. It’s the bomb.