Lunch with The Weekly Standard

By November 8, 2005General

Thanks to the good folks over at The Weekly Standard for a lunch invite for about 15 of us to come break bread with Weekly Standard Editor and resident wise man (not to be confused with wise guy) Bill Kristol. It was a good give and take session, mostly consisting of all of us peppering poor Bill with questions (as he tried to eat his lunch), asking his insights ind opinions on issues large and small. There’s a reason he’s in such demand as a talking head. He’s pithy and insightful — traits we can only aspire to — and he didn’t disappoint.

In any event, it was all off-the-record, so we can’t tell you what all went on or we’d have to kill you, and the way the traffic is these days we just don’t have the time — and the gas would be too expensive — to drive around a whack you all (speaking of wise guys…) So suffice it to say it was a good session and we appreciated being tossed in with all the grown-ups, and not having to sit at the kids’ table for once, and to bask in the glow of a bright guy who was more than gracious with his time.

Here’s a link to the Standard on line and here’s a link to their blog.