Judge Alito’s Questionnaire

By November 16, 2005General

FYI, this came across our desk yesterday, thought our blog readers might find it of interest. Only a few of us have had the privilege of having been through Senate confirmation in our lives. It is a pretty rigorous process, with lots and lots of questions. Thought you’d be interested in seeing the questionnaire that Supreme Court nominees have to fill out for the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Here’s a link to it. Makes for some interesting reading.

Oh, and as you all know, we have a process in place where by our Judicial Review Committee is reviewing Judge Alito’s qualifications based on a set of criteria which they have developed. Stay tuned.

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  • Jennifer says:

    I hope Alito has a detailed day-runner or palm pilot. how in the WORLD would anyone be able to fill out that questionaire? I can’t remember what I did last week let alone every speech I EVER made, where when and how…. guess that’s why I’m not in the running for Sandra O’s seat!

    Good luck to Alito – regardless of his political bent. That questionare is a nightmare.