Friday Follies: ‘I Will Survive’

By November 25, 2005Miscellaneous

Friday FolliesIn keeping with our Thanksgiving theme this week, here’s a little post-Holiday respite, a cool turkey channeling Gloria Gaynor, another member of the rich musical tradition of New Jersey. As you ponder the angst and memories from the family gathering, here is a nice animation from the good folks at American Greetings. It is a disco-themed message with some very funny words to the tune of the 70’s disco classic, “I Will Survive

Click on this link to see it. Hope you’re still enjoying the Thanksgiving buzz.

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  • Scott says:

    Please send me the video if you will. We used the e-greeting “I will Survive” in a fundraiser last year and I would love to use it again. I can’t find it anywhere on the web.



  • Jo Fannin Cohe says:

    will you send me the Thanksgiving video
    “I will Survive”