Friday Follies Bonus: NJ Seeks New Slogan

By November 18, 2005Miscellaneous

Friday FolliesOK, here’s this week’s bonus round, with an opportunity for crowd participation. No doubt many of you saw the item this week that the Garden State, the Cradle of Civilization is seeking a new slogan, having apparently worn out Former Governor Tom Kean’s “New Jersey and You — Perfect Together.” Regular blog readers know that New Jersey is home to the blogger in chief. Perhaps you read our paean to New Jersey last weekend.

A number of years ago, there was an effort to designate Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” as the state song. As comedian Robert Wuhl (himself a NJ native) remarked at the time, there aren’t many state songs that feature the word “suicide.” It does tend to be frowned upon. So now they embark on an effort to find a new slogan. The last one — “New Jersey: We Will Win You Over”, the product of a $260,000 consultant’s effort, was rejected by Gov. Richard Codey.

Unfortunately, the deadline for submissions was Monday, but we think that our blog readers are so pithy, so insightful and so creative that one of you is bound to come up with a motto so compelling that they’ll chuck the deadline into the river with the informants.

By the way, here are some that were rejected:

“New Jersey: You Got a Problem With That?”

“New Jersey: How You Doin’?”

“Most of Our Elected Officials Have Not Been Indicted”

We also thought about:

“It Only Smells Really Bad Between Exits 14 and 16”

The state that brought you Francis Albert Sinatra, Jack Nicholson and Tony Soprano needs you. For all that New Jersey has given you, it’s time to give something back. Tramps like us, baby we were born to run.

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  • Our 7 offices and 140+ associates services the entire state of New Jersey!!

  • Janette Rodriguez says:

    New jersey is looking for you!!!

    (Add Uncle Sam’s picture in it)

  • fran chaggaris says:

    New Jersey, has it all! (except a desert)

  • charles says:

    About State of contradiction’s for example
    Department of Banking and Insurance
    Is this not a contradiction in terms and issues?
    Annuity products that have been approved in all
    of the other states are no longer approved in the
    state of New Jersey. Some how the state of NJ has
    decided they know more then everyone else in the
    country and yet our consumers no longer enjoy 10%
    bonus products? This benefits who? The Casino
    industry says the State now has them so highly
    taxed they can no longer pay out jackpot’s just
    perks and of course they had to make necessary
    lay off’s. Only on the verge of Bankruptcy did
    the State shed it’s interest in auto Insurance?
    I think New Jersey now has it’s name,as the State
    of Confusion, can’t escape it’s own self interest
    there are no real consumer concerns in play here.

  • Pat Cleary says:

    Parkway Exit 153B

    Turnpike Exit 16W

    Gotta love it.

  • Doug says:

    What exit?

  • Jennifer says:

    How about – New Jersey – where we pump YOUR gas!