Friday Follies: An Important Study from MIT

By November 11, 2005Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThank God for the Manufacturers’ blog. This is a place, after all, where you can come regularly and get real news and news that you can use, not just a lot of puff and palaver. Case in point: Here is a study from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology on a topic that is almost every blog reader’s mind: Thought control by the government. This study endeavors to answer the nagging question — posted to us quite frequently by our regular readers and occasional people on the street, i.e., “Do tin-foil hats block mind-control signals?” (It’s clearly aluminum week here on the blog.)

We’re glad you asked, as we’ve often wondered this ourselves. As it turns out, the study unearthed some very troubling data indeed. As it turns out, tin-foil hats actually amplify — not deaden — mind control signals, according to this meticulous study. And, as it turns out, it doesn’t matter what style of tin-foil hat you use — classical, fez or centurion. They go so far as to theorize that the government may have begun the tin-foil helmet canard so as to increase their mind control activities. We leave that to a future study. Very distrubing, if true.

For the moment, there’s certainly enough info in this study to keep folks chatting around the water fountain for some time to come. Give it a read and maybe take off the tin-foil hat until further research can be done.