Free Webinar on Domestic Production Activities Deduction

By November 14, 2005General

On Tuesday, we will be hosting another one of our world-famous Webinars. We’ve held a variety of them over the past year and if you’re an accountant or deal with taxes, this one is defintely NOT to be passed up.

It’s all about this law called the “Domestic Production Activities Deduction.” The title sounds kinda redundant, but it isn’t. Its actually quite critical. It deals with money…and saving lots of it.

Basically, its like this: last year, there was this law that got passed call the American Jobs Creation Act. It provided for a new tax deduction for businesses involved in domestic production activities (read: manufacturing).

Then, like two weeks ago, on October 19, proposed regulations were issued, expanding on the initial guidance provided by the IRS earlier this year.

This deduction is phased in over several years. So, by 2009, it will equal NINE percent of qualified production activities income.

Yeah, we don’t fully understand it either, which is why we’re gonna be on that Webinar where it all will become crystal clear. If not, you can ask questions of our panel of experts.

Point is, learn why this new law will help us level the international playing field and create more jobs in the United States (who doesn’t like that?).

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DId we mention its free?

Hope to see you there.