Behold the Mighty Cranberry

By November 26, 2005General

We wouldn’t bother you with this if it wasn’t really impoprant….

In other food news — and in keeping with our Thanksgiving theme — here’s a really important story from the AP, reporting on a study finding that cranberries, in addition to other known medicinal effects, is also helpful in fighting plaque.

Says the article:

Dr. Michel Koo, an oral biologist and food scientist at the [University of Rochester] medical center, said it is very likely that the same chemical traits that for years have made cranberry juice a formidable weapon against urinary tract infections also render it a credible tool in the war against dental plaque.”

Yet another agricultural product with a healing effect that is brought to you by America’s manufacturers . Hope you had seconds on the big day, and had plenty of the stuff when you had leftovers. By the way, anybody wanna guess what the third largest cranberry producing state is….? We’ll give you a hint.