ANWR: Vote Expected Today — Need You to Weigh In

By November 3, 2005Energy

Well, it’s finally time for the ANWR vote — looks like it will be today. It will come in the form of a vote in the Senate on budget reconciliation. Why budget reconciliation? Because, as faithful blog readers will recall from this post last week, ANWR exploration will generate $2.4 billion in lease sales to the federal treasury. And, royalties payable to the federal government are expected to exceed $1 billion per year for some 30 years once production begins. All this and adding to the supply equation on energy in a environmentally sensitive way. A win-win for everyone but the enviros.

Please take this opportunity to weigh in with your Senators — as hundreds of you have done through the blog already — and urge them to vote to decrease our dependence on foreign oil and increase domestic energy supplies.

Here’s a link to our “Key Vote Card” that we sent to all Senators urging them to support this legislation.

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  • Jane Butter says:

    Dear Senator Smith,
    Please, please vote to keep drilling out of ANWR. It is one of our last wild treasures and will be far more valuable in the future than a disposable supply of oil. Please think for the future and the long-term picture of what is happening to our planet and act with care and respect for the earth. Thank you for your considerations.