ANWR: One Step Closer…

By November 4, 2005Energy

Thanks to the overwhelming response from manufacturers through the blog and otherwise to weigh in with your Senators these last few weeks, yesterday the budget reconciliation bill passed the Senate by a vote of 52-47. Prior to that vote, the Senate beat back an amendment by Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) to keep energy prices high by limiting exploration in ANWR. Here’s a link to the roll call on final passage and here’s a link to the roll call vote on the Cantwell Amendment.

You should finish the job and weigh in once again with your Senators to say thanks — or thanks for nothin’ — for their vote. And keep up your good work by clicking here to weigh in with your Member of Congress, to make sure they follow suit. We are only halfway there, but thanks for all your great work — you know who you are. We’ll be back to you starting next Monday to gear up for the House vote which will put this one finally in the barn. Here’s a link to our press release applauding the vote.

By the way, NAM President John Engler appeared with Rep. Tom Feeney (R – FL) in a satellite news feed on OCS legislation. Here’s a link to a portion of that feed. Way cool.