ANWR: NIMBY’s vs. Nannies

By November 1, 2005Energy

We’ve said in this space many times that the soaring price of energy here reflects an effective 30 year moratorium on new supplies of energy, foisted on us by a self-appointed band of rabid environmentalists. We all know what’s happening to gasoline prices. As for natural gas, we pay the higest prices in the world. Had oil prices increased as much as natural gas prices, we’d be paying $7/gallon for gasoline. Japan has 23 liquid natural gas terminals, we have 4. Remember that natural gas prices are set domestically, not internationally.

As for nuclear, France gets 80% of their power from nuclear power. They’ve built 58 nuclear plants since the 70’s, while we’ve built exactly one in the same time. A big reason for lack of progress on natural gas, liquid natrual gas and nuclear fronts, of course, is the so-called NIMBY movement — Not in My Back Yard — which has been happily fueled by the enviros.

And so we look to ANWR, a relatively small footprint in the scheme of things, as we’ve pretty well documented here. As it turns out, the people of Alaska favor ANWR drilling, including the native Inuits. So what do the enviros say about that? What do they say when there are no NIMBY’s to stop exploration? Well, then they become Nannies and step in to substitute their judgment for the native people.

At the end of the day, our energy policy has been caught between the rock of the NIMBY’s and the hard place of the Nannies who step in to speak for people who –as in Alaska — actually favor the exploration. Who are we to say that the Alaskans can’t explore their owns state for oil? We’ve also said here many times that we’re the only country that limits access to its own natural resources. It’s a wonder that between the NIMBY’s and the Nannies that we have any energy at all.

Click here to let your member of Congress and Senator know it’s time to defer to the will of the Alaskan people and let the long-overdue — and environmentally sound — exploration of ANWR begin.

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  • s. pablo says:

    I gotta agree with Alan Smitheee, although I won’t personally insult Pat Cleary for reporting on a fallacy he probably really believes is true. You can (convince) more flies with honey….

  • alansmitheee says:

    This is one of the dumbest posts I have seen on this blog or any other regarding energy prices and resources. These “rabid environmentalists” that you refer to are not the ones who regularly and consistently vote down LNG terminal legislation, refinery capacity bills or tax cuts for the engorged energy sector. You go a long way to come around to an ANWR hit and an illogical, falicious one at that. Moron.