ANWR: Mapping the Problem, and the Solution

By November 2, 2005Energy

We do this today because we can, because every time we do this, it seems to frost the enviros’ collective corks. Gotta have some fun in this life.

First, two maps together: one that shows the expected increase in natural gas prices and the other that shows that we are paying the highest prices for natural gas in the world. Remember that natural gas prices are not set globally but country by country, simple supply and demand. There are 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) that can be retrieved in an environmentally safe way. Natural gas prices today are killing American manufacturers.

Map number two is from a Washington Post story on ANWR last week, showing the vastness of Alaska, and within it a pretty small space called ANWR and within that a smaller space still that is the drilling footprint.

Map number three is from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, showing that the footprint is even smaller. Remember, the drilling footprint is one-fifth the size of Dulles Airport. (Sorry, greenies, it’s true.)

To the objectors out there, we ask: What is the drilling footprint you would accept in ANWR — or anywhere for that matter — and what is your solution? Remember that exploration and efficiency are not mutually exclusive.

Please drop a note to your Senators and Member of Congress today, urging them to support exploration in ANWR and the OCS.