Another Shout-out to Make Magazine

By November 12, 2005General

For those of you who missed it last week, here’s another shout-out to Make magazine, an excellent read for people who like to make stuff. We have sort of a blood bond and a mutual admiration society. We’re joined at the weld points, you might say.

Check out their website — as we said last week, a potpourri of stuff for manufacturers large, small and DIY hobbyists. Their blog is also great, with new entries (since last week) on — among other things — how to make a Homer Simpson USB drive. Don’t you want to be the first person in the office with one of those….?

And, last week’s offer still stands: They are offering NAM members and blog readers a significant discount on subscriptions. Click on to this link to subscribe and just enter this code: C5BNAM to get a whopping 50% discount. Like we said last week, do not share this information with any non-manufacturing or service sector sissies. This is for people who love to make stuff.

Thanks again to our friends at Make . Subscribe, will ya?