A Washington Post Shockeroo: ‘Demand for Natural Gas Outpaces Supply’

By November 23, 2005Energy

OK, somebody’s gonna win a Pulitzer for this one. Here’s an article from yesterday’s Washington Post under the above headline, i.e., “Demand for Natural Gas Outpaces Supply.” As the kids say, “Duh!” We’ve been saying this forever, but it took a government expert, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Chairman Joseph Kelliher to launch it into the news. He held a press conference this week to say that supplies for natural gas remain constant while demand has soared. Guess what happened to price?

So in yesterday’s reporter roundtable at Reuters with Gov. Engler, somebody says there’s an idea kicking around Washington to open up a natural gas version of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a huge stockpile of the stuff. This is why it’s great working around John Engler. In a heartbeat, he deadpanned, “We already have it — it’s called the Outer Continental Shelf.” Perfect. We’re sitting on 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas but we can’t tap it because it’s under a federal moratorium. There’s your strategic natural gas reserve. Whaddaya say we tap it?

Write your Member of Congress and tell them to get it done.