‘A Call to Inaction’

By November 14, 2005Energy

Under this unlikely banner was a Washington Post editorial last Friday that got it about 80% right on energy. If we keep agreeing with the Post, then the end of the world must be near. This particular editorial talks about the Senate’s theatrical hearings last week and delivers an effective rebuttal of the notion of increased taxes as a way to fix the problem. They also talk about trying to ease the burden on low-income folks this coming winter, and that’s a laudable goal as well. Ultimately, as their title implies, they urge no action to bring down the cost of gasoline, believing that higher prices will encourage conservation. Maybe so, and manufacturers are on the leading edge of conservation and efficiency efforts, but there’s only so much we can do. We are being choked with these soaring prices.

The 20% that the Post missed, in our view, was going the final step in calling for increased domestic supply. Might have been a bridge too far for the Post, but teh solution to high energy prices is a three-legged stool of efficiency and conservation as well as increased production domestically. We need to unleash the million barrels of oil a day that ANWR would produce and the 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas that the OCS holds. The Post left that out, but we add it here as a public service.

So here’s a link to the Post editorial and here’s a link — as always — where you can drop a note to your House member, remind them to get cracking on letting these resources flow, to make it a bit easier for America’s manufacturers to compete.