A Busy Energy Day

By November 10, 2005Energy

Lots of activity on the energy front yesterday. First there was the circus over in the Senate, the subject of our blog yesterday and the subject of the lead editorial in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Beltway Oil Drill.” A great piece with which we obviously agree. In it, they hit all the facts you’ve seen on here about ANWR, and then some. In any event, it’s a good read. In addition to our blog barrage, we weighed in with our own press release as well.

Also on energy today, NAM Board Member and small manufacturer Fletcher Steele of Pine Hall Brick came to town to testify before a House Appropriations Subcommittee on our favorite topic. In his testimony, he noted that his small 375-person company has seen their gas bill rise $700,000 since August. Remember, we manufacturers inhabit a world where $700,000 is a lot of money. We still have to compete with all those countries that are paying far less. Absent some relief on the energy price front, Steele will have to lay off some of his workers, a story that we see being played out across our membership.

Finally, we heard from another one of our Board members and small manufacturers from up north today. Over the next five months, he expects his energy costs to rise by some $3 million. Among other measures, they have turned the thermostat down. He reports that today his office was holding steady at 64 degrees and that they had changed the dress policy at the office so folks could dress in layers to keep warm. Don’t think for a moment that manufacturers aren’t always out there trying to stay one step ahead of the cost curve.

If you’ve not already done so, drop a note to your Member of Congress and tell them to do something about domestic energy supply.