269,127 Words Later: Happy Birthday To…US!

By November 18, 2005General

KakEToday we celebrate our Birthday. Hard to believe we’ve been at it for an entire year! Our first entry opened by noting that “After two years in Washington, actor-turned Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) once famously said, ‘I often long for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood.'”

Its been a truly wonderful adventure. Along the way, loyal followers (both of you) will recall that we discovered electricity, incurred the wrath of Lou Dobbs who called us “silly,” launched a satellite and made a big stand when it came to things that mattered to our members like CAFTA, judicial nominations and course, energy.

As content grew from one post a day to now, on average, three a day (for a grand total of 840), we also brought you new features like CoolStuffBeingMade.com, The Wednesday Poster, and course, Friday Follies.

Now, to thank a few people that made it possible.

We’d like to begin by thanking our co-workers for feeding us content and also resisting the urge to throw us out. Most especially to NAM President John Engler who, when approached about our desire to start a blog didn’t ask, “What’s a Blog?”

Our family for again putting up with us and our constant knack for doing what we do.

Our fellow blogging buddies including: RedState, BoingBoing, Townhall and The Blogometer. Thank you for helping put us on the map through your various posts. Today feels like graduation and so the coming year promises to be even more fun as we help train the new freshman class of bloggers which will likely come from the trade association world. Watch this space in the months ahead as we help promote those who decide to jump into the fray (trust us…the water’s warm folks).

We started off writing one entry a day and often skipping the weekends. Today, we’re writing on average of three entries a day and haven’t missed a beat in a long time.

So, to all our friends and fans, thank you for making it a great year! We’re off to celebrate our Trip Around the Sun.