Welcome Boingers!

Somehow we managed another shout-out from the mighty BoingBoing, this one for our videos. We just wanted to welcome all your Boingers out there who are coming to our site for the first time. You’ll find some fun stuff, like the Posters and the very, very cool videos. Don’t forget to check out Friday Follies. They are just totally random, but funny clips, videos, rants, you name it. You’ll find something in there to like, believe us.

And you’ll also find a lot of very pro-manufacturing stuff. We are manufacturers, we make stuff and we do it better than anybody in the world. Sometimes folks get in our way and bug us, like trial lawyers and enviros, and when they do, we say it. Hide the children.

Otherwise, explore and enjoy! If you’re bright and want a high tech career making stuff (and a bunch of money along the way), try out our Dream It, Do It website.

C’mon in — feel the manufacturing vibe.

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  • Uhclem says:

    And so I come here on the basis of boingboing, and the first thing I see is a welcome message explaining who you are and what you do, a message that is both clear and open to the possibility that some people visiting may have mutual interests with NAM.

    Pat, I have no idea even what gender you are, but coming up with a response like that at 10:40 on Halloween is very impressive. You can tell your boss I think you’re underpaid.