Wednesday Poster of the Week

By October 26, 2005Miscellaneous

Al Stimac OK, here’s the weekly dose of Wednesday posters, but this week we take a slightly different tack. Remember we said that we had some vintage ones and some new, cool ones and we’d be alternating between the two? Well, we’ve not been doing much alternating, since we thought the vintage ones were so fun. But here’s one of the new ones to get you started. These are the brainchild of our own Beth Solomon, designed in conjunction with the NAM’s Irina Stepanova and Kevin Sullivan and printed by NAM Board member Ann Brown of New Vista Enterprises. They were initially done for National Manufacturing Week in Chicago way back in March, and were really well received so we now have them decorating the lobby at the NAM HQ. They depict a number of our members – mostly small manufacturers and a number of them Board Members – in some non-manufacturing settings, but all carrying the NAM message. Click on the poster to see a larger version.

This first one features Al Stimac of Metal Essence, who we’ve written about before. He’s just a great American success story and a great manufacturer.