Wal-Mart vs. The UFCW: Who’s the Fairest…?

By October 7, 2005General

As you well know, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) has made it their raison d’etre to organize Wal-Mart at all costs. They are spending untold millions on the campaign, thus far with almost no impact. They are even paying people to picket, since they can’t find union members committed enough to do it for free. Every time they find a thin reed on which to hang their hats, they file an unfair labor practice (ULP) charge against Wal-Mart with the friendly neighborhood National Labor Relations Board, not a terribly employer-friendly organization. Over the years they have papered the NLRB with ULP charges in the hopes that some will stick. In 2001, 2003 and 2003, there were 95, 61 and 61 ULP’s filed against Wal-Mart, respectively, for a total of 217 charges. That’s a pretty big load of ULP’s for Wal-Mart, although it does have 1.3 million workers.

So it might be fair to ask whether the UFCW itself has been the subject of any ULP’s. After all, at 1.4 million members, they’re about the same size as Wal-Mart, right? Well, whaddaya know — in those same years — 2001,2002 and 2003 — the UFCW had 235, 337 and 306 ULP’s filed against them, for a whopping total of 878 ULP’s! This means their ULP rate was about four times that of Wal-Mart, against whom they have orchestrated a fierce campaign, part of which entails trying to paper them with ULP’s.

All in all, not a very good showing for the UFCW. Looks like they’d better tend to their knitting, get their own house in order and fix their own ULP’s, before they go off trying to gin up others against Wal-Mart.