Victory, v.3 — the Trifecta on Ending Lawsuit Abuse

By October 28, 2005Briefly Legal

Thanks once again to all of you who weighed in for the third and last vote of “Lawsuit Abuse Week”, that actually stretched over two weeks. Sometimes it takes a little longer to get stuff done here in Washington. In any event, the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act passed the House today by a rather comfortable margin of 228-184. The effort of manufacturers here was once again tremendous and helped put this one in the barn. Here’s a link to the Roll Call vote. Don’t forget to thank your Member of Congress if they voted for it and if they didn’t, don’t forget to say, “Thanks for nothin””. Here’s a linkto the memo that went out from NAM President John Engler today on the victory. Our work isn’t finished, not by a long shot, but these were three very important victories in the battle for common sense.