Update: More on Energy…..

By October 20, 2005General

Reps Franks (AZ), Wilson (SC) and Hensarling (TX).

Franks talked about the importance of the Supreme Court, and about blogs, saying “faxes liberated Poland,” opining that maybe blogs will do the same here, in getting the unfiltered facts out.

Hensarling: There needs to be a dollar-for-dollar offset for Hurricane Katrina relief. Either raise taxes or pass debt on to our kids or ask the Government to tighten their belt a notch. Where will the money come from? Where do you get a $62 billion offset? Rescissions, “de-authorizing” programs. “We will get zero help from the Democrats,” need 218 votes. Still working on that set of ingredients that’ll come together and get us that full offset and get us the savings that we need.”

Asked by us about energy, Joe Wilson notes that things have grown so partisan, no a single Democrat voted for the bill that just passed, to build more refineries. Not built one here for 28 years. (These folks are on message, no doubt about it). Says Hensarling, “we didn’t get into this [energy] pickle overnight, we’re not getting out of it overnight.” He just got back from a tour of Iraq, asked a soldier what he could do to help. The soldier said, “Help make sure my wife can afford to fill up our truck back home.” He says we’re paying the price for the “radical environmental no-growth movement in this country.” He also noted that Pres. Clinton vetoed ANWR exploration, saying that had he not done so, the first oil from ANWR would be flowing today. In closing, he says, “Those on the left who decry high energy prices are the ones who caused it.”

On legal reform (it’s been a good week for that here), Rep. Wilson says it’s good that finally “we heave a sufficient majority in the Senate to get real legal reform.

Rep. Conaway (TX) has just joined……